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How to Install a Power Supply (PSU) in Your PC (2023)


The energy provide unit (PSU) is a vital part in a laptop system, because it provides energy to all of your PC {hardware}, together with the motherboard, processor, and graphics card. Installing a PSU could be intimidating due to the quite a few cables it comes with, however this information will stroll you thru the method step-by-step. The energy provide is among the final issues you must set up in your PC case, alongside the graphics card. That mentioned, whether or not you might be right here to learn the way to set up a PSU for the primary time or carry out an improve in your current construct, let’s have a look at how to set up the ability provide in your PC.

Install PSU in PC: A Step-By-Step Guide (2023)

In this information, we may even make it easier to set up the assorted part cables supplied along with your energy provide, which is one thing many first-time PC builders discover tedious. By the top of this text, you’ll perceive the place every energy cable plugs into the motherboard. This is a step-by-step information on how to set up the ability provide (PSU) inside your PC case.

Things to Consider Before Buying a PSU

Check PSU Wattage Rating

Before putting in your energy provide, it can be crucial to be certain that it’s suitable with the remainder of your laptop system. You can do that by calculating the full wattage consumption of all of your elements and evaluating it to the PSU complete’s wattage. It is usually beneficial to purchase a PSU the place the full wattage is no less than 150-200W larger than the calculated consumption to enable for some headroom in case of energy spikes.

To precisely decide the wattage wanted on your system, you should use OuterVision’s Power Supply Calculator instrument (visit). Moreover, it can be crucial to notice that a number of PSU makers might not checklist the right most supported wattage and supply bad-quality merchandise. We would recommend you purchase PSUs from a respected model and examine the critiques earlier than buying.

Checking for an 80 Plus Rating

80 plus rating - power supply
Image Courtesy: Cooler Master (website)

It is vital to be cautious when buying a energy provide unit (PSU) with a excessive wattage ranking however a low value. It might not ship the marketed wattage and will find yourself damaging your PC elements. so one of the simplest ways to guarantee that you’re getting a good-quality PSU is to examine for an 80 Plus ranking.

For these unaware, the 80 Plus system charges PSUs based mostly on their high quality and effectivity, certifying them into tiers, together with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, amongst others. Since the ability provide is a crucial part, you could by no means low-cost out and get the very best one on your construct.

Check Available Power Supply Connectors

Your energy provide wants to have enough connectors on your CPU and GPU. Some motherboards take twin CPU connectors and newer graphics playing cards just like the GeForce RTX 4090 GPU require no less than three PCIe 8-pin connectors. Now, some high-wattage PSUs (together with a 1,000W unit) might not have sufficient connectors for your whole elements at occasions. So guarantee your elements are suitable with one another, and that you’ve the required connectors in your chosen PSU.

Things You Need for Installing PSU in PC

Gather the Necessary Tools

Before constructing your PC, collect all of your set up supplies and instruments. In this case, you’ll need a Philips Head screwdriver. Plus, make sure the office is clear and static-free (keep away from constructing on high of a carpeted ground). Also, put on an anti-static bracelet throughout set up to forestall electrostatic harm.

Install Core Components in PC Case

Before putting in the ability provide (PSU), be certain that to set up the motherboard in your PC case, together with all of the core elements such because the CPU (presumably the Intel Core i9-13900K), reminiscence (RAM), and storage drives. You should even have your exhausting disk drives (HDD) and a couple of.5-inch SATA SSDs pre-installed in your case earlier than the PSU set up.

Make positive your motherboard, storage drives, processor, and CPU cooler are put in inside your PC case. The solely part to omit is the graphics card because it’s more durable to carry out optimum cable routing and administration with the GPU put in in the case. Ideally, we first plug in a few energy connectors from the ability provide after which set up the graphics card with its numerous PCIe energy connectors (defined beneath).

Plug in the PSU Power Connectors

modular power supply connectors

In case you will have a semi-modular or totally modular PSU, plug in all the required cables earlier than putting in it in your laptop case. If you will have a customary, non-modular energy provide, you possibly can skip this step. Otherwise, be certain that the next cables are plugged in earlier than inserting the PSU contained in the case:

  • 24-pin energy connector: Supplies energy to your motherboard, which then distributes energy to all the inner elements.
  • CPU energy connector: Provides energy to the processor. You would possibly want 2x 8-pin connectors, so examine your motherboard.
  • PCIe energy connectors: Provides energy to the graphics card. Depending on the mannequin and make of your GPU, you’ll need to use a sure variety of 6- or 8-pin energy connectors.
  • Peripheral energy connectors (MOLEX and SATA): These connectors are used on your storage drives similar to a SATA HDD or SSD. Also, it powers different peripherals similar to your case followers, RGB lighting, and extra. It is usually beneficial to plug in no less than one SATA energy connector, however for those who plan on utilizing a number of HDDs/ SSDs and different peripherals, you might want two connectors. We recommend you seek the advice of the documentation on your energy provide and different elements to decide the variety of connectors wanted.

Note: If you will have a non-modular PSU, you might proceed with the set up information and never use the additional cables that aren’t required to energy any elements.

How to Install Power Supply (PSU) in PC Case

1. Once you might be prepared along with your energy provide and the set up instruments, step one requires you to work out the place to set up the PSU. In most PC circumstances nowadays, the ability provide shroud a few PC circumstances, the ability provide shroud is normally positioned on the backside, whereas in some circumstances, it’s positioned on the high. You additionally want to guarantee the ability provide fan has correct air flow in its last orientation.

2. Now, place the ability provide in its designated location, ensuring the ability provide fan aligns with the air flow cutout in the case. In most situations, you will have to merely place the PSU with its fan dealing with downwards.

Note: The PSU fan should align with the air flow holes current in your case. If the fan is blocked when dealing with downwards, you want to change the ability provide orientation to make sure the fan can cool the unit correctly.

power supply ventilation cutout in pc case

3. When positioned appropriately, proceed to screw in the ability provide in the PC case. Make positive to tighten the screws diagonally in order to cut back stress on one facet of the part.

power supply installation

Connect Power Supply to Motherboard Components

Once you will have efficiently put in the ability provide in the case, it’s time for an important activity – connecting the PSU cables to the required connectors on the motherboard. Let’s learn the way to do this effectively:

1. First, take all the ability cables popping out of the ability provide and pull them out from behind the PC case (reverse facet of the tempered glass one). This is for primary cable administration. Then, seize every energy connector and route it to the closest cable administration gap on the again facet, relying on the place it wants to be plugged in on the motherboard. Simply refer to your motherboard guide for the best areas.

For instance, right here’s what the cable routing seems like in our PC construct. Note that in case your PC case doesn’t have the correct cable administration routing choices, you possibly can handle the assorted cables on a best-effort foundation.

cable management in case

2. Next, begin by plugging in the 24-pin motherboard energy cable and 8-pin CPU energy connectors into the corresponding feminine connectors. When you push the cable in, do it firmly along with your entire hand to make sure the connectors are put in completely. The highlighted notch on the cable and the motherboard’s facet ought to each snap into place. The similar goes for the CPU energy connector.

6. Now, set up the graphics card in your motherboard and screw it on the pc case. After that, find the ability connectors current in your GPU. Proceed to plug in the 8-pin or 6-pin PCIe energy connectors required to run your graphics card. The orientation for plugging in the PCIe 8-pin energy cable can change relying on the GPU. You should look out for the notches the place the ability connector clips in. They are additionally on the other facet typically.

Note: Nvidia Founders Edition graphics playing cards usually include 12-pin or 16-pin energy connectors, which can be found in newer ATX 3.0 energy provides. For older PSUs, you’ll need the adapter that comes in the GPU field. In the adapter, you connect the required variety of 8-pin PCI-e energy connectors on one facet after which connect the 12-pin or 16-pin energy connector to your Nvidia GPU.

gpu power connector

7. Next, plug the SATA energy connectors into your exhausting drive or SSD after aligning them. Also, plug in the required SATA or MOLEX energy connectors for the remaining peripherals, similar to your PC case’s RGB lighting or followers.

sata power connector

8. Well, you will have efficiently put in the ability provide in your PC case and its numerous energy cables in your motherboard. But there are a few extra duties you want to do subsequent. So get some zip ties and use them to guarantee correct cable administration and optimum efficiency. Securing the cables neatly in place will help enhance airflow and provides your PC a clear, organized look.

cable management

9. Now, you possibly can proceed to end the remainder of the PC construct if there’s nonetheless one thing left to set up. After that, set up the facet panels in your PC case and screw them again in place. Lastly, join the primary energy cable to the again of the ability provide and join its plug to an outlet. If you get a 1,300W+ PSU, you might want to plug it into a 16A socket. So, examine with an electrician as your PSU would possibly work higher on a higher-amperage electrical socket.

For these questioning, what do the markings on the ability provide swap imply? Here, a line (-) represents the ON state, and the circle (O) represents the OFF state.

power supply switch

10. And that’s it! We hope you will have fastidiously put in the ability provide and turned in your new laptop. As lengthy as you will have put in the remainder of your elements appropriately, and linked the ability swap to the motherboard, the PC ought to activate by urgent the ability button in your PC case.

Power Supply Installation FAQs

How do I flip my PC on? What do the switches subsequent to the ability plug on the PSU imply?

To flip your PC on, flip the PSU swap to the “ON” state, represented by the road image. Then, press the ability button in your case to activate the pc. The circle mark on the PSU button means it’s in an ‘OFF’ state. Remember to by no means flip the swap whereas the PC is operating, however you are able to do so to drive shut down when wanted by holding down the ability button.

My PC wants an improve and the older PSU shouldn’t be suitable. Can you simply swap energy provides?

Yes, you possibly can simply swap out an older PSU for a new one. You should take away the prevailing PSU first and make a psychological notice of the place the earlier connectors had been put in. Then, observe our information to set up a new energy provide in its place.

Do I would like to join the PSU to a 16A socket or is a decrease amperage one effective?

The 16A socket is just mandatory for high-end energy provides. Behind the ability plug of the PSU, it mentions what amperage it wants to operate correctly. Then, you possibly can accordingly determine whether or not to use a 16A socket or not.

Is it mandatory to join my PSU to a UPS?

It’s not completely mandatory to join your PSU to a UPS, as the ability provide comes with many safety mechanisms in case of energy loss. However, if you’re doing vital work in your laptop, having a UPS will make sure you don’t lose out on the information. PC shutdowns due to energy cuts can also undergo from storage corruption. So, most individuals ought to make investments in a UPS to keep away from shedding information.

Which orientation to set up the ability provide in? Should the fan be dealing with upward or downward?

The orientation of the ability provide will depend on the place the air flow holes are current in your case’s PSU chamber/shroud. Simply be certain that the fan is dealing with the facet the place it may well pull contemporary air in to cool the ability provide unit.

Install Power Supply in Your Computer Case

That’s the whole lot you want to know concerning the steps you want to observe earlier than and whereas putting in a energy provide unit (PSU) and its numerous energy connectors. Following the steps above, you ought to be in a position to set up the PSU in your PC case efficiently. While the method can look considerably intimidating due to the assorted energy cables and costly elements, it’s simpler for those who observe the guide and our step-by-step information fastidiously. Being one of many final steps in the PC meeting course of, we hope your PC construct is now full. Now, in case you have any doubts or encounter any points in the course of the set up course of, don’t hesitate to ask for assist in the feedback part beneath.



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