Freelance Statistics: 40 Facts and Trends You Should Know in 2023

40 Freelance Stats & Trends 2023 (Pandemic Effects on the Industry)


Freelancers are nearly all over the place. There are so many roles that may be tailored to this enterprise mannequin that the freelance trade has massively expanded. Freelancing seemingly popped out of nowhere and has since change into a trillion-dollar trade that everybody is attempting to interrupt into.

If you’re a part of the up-and-coming Gen Z workforce, chances are high good that you just’re a freelancer. If you’re not part of this era however are nonetheless a freelancer and enthusiastic about some enjoyable information, stats, and tendencies about the freelance trade or find out how to earn money as a freelancer, you’re in the proper place.

Interesting Freelance Statistics

  • There are 57 million freelancers in the US.
  • 59% of responders in the United States have been male freelancers.
  • 86% of freelancers usually make money working from home.
  • Content writing is certainly one of the hottest freelancer occupations.
  • 84% of freelancers say work lets them reside the life-style they need.
  • 64% of freelancers stated their well being has improved.
  • 46% of freelancers select their job due to their flexibility.
  • 41% of freelancers discover work by means of their previous purchasers.
  • The US had the most demand for freelancers in 2020.
  • The freelance trade makes up virtually 5% of the complete US GDP.

For this precise objective, we’re sharing every little thing there’s to learn about the freelance trade, and we’ve categorized it into 4 fascinating classes which embody 40 stats and information. 

Common freelance statistics 

The world of freelance is an enormous one. Many persons are freelancing each day. The world of freelance is expansive, as a result of it features a multitude of industries. Ever dynamic, difficult, and rising, freelance is a drive to reckon with. In this part, we’ll cowl a few of the commonest statistics about the freelance world, the trade, and the freelancers that function inside it. 

1. Number of freelancers vs. month-to-month visits on the major freelancing web sites

How many freelancers are there on the web

There are a number of common freelance jobs web sites the place freelancers always search for jobs. Most common, Indeed, is ready to appeal to 150 million freelancers to go to their platform. It is adopted by Freelancer with greater than 16 million freelancers and FlexJobs with round 2 million freelancers in search of jobs on a month-to-month foundation.

(Source: a number of pages)

2. There are at present 57 million freelancers in the US.

Number of freelance workers in the US

The dimension of the freelancing inhabitants is frequently on the rise. From 2014 to 2019, the variety of freelancers in the US grew from 52 million to a whopping 57 million. This implies that there have been over 5 million new folks added to the freelance workforce in simply 5 years which has grown by 8.8%.


3. 38% of unbiased staff determine themselves as freelancers.

The variety of freelancers is on the rise however solely contains what folks contemplate to be freelancers. A whopping 38% of unbiased staff interviewed contemplate themselves to be freelancers. 


4. 53% of Generation Z staff are freelancers. 

The youthful the employee, the extra probably they’re to freelance. However, each era has greater than 1 in 4 staff who freelanced in the previous 12 months. The ascent of freelancing is evident in generational survey outcomes: 29% of Baby Boomer staff (ages 55+) freelanced, 31% of Gen X staff freelanced (ages 39-54), 40% of Millennial staff (ages 23-38) freelanced, and 53% of Gen Z staff (ages 18-22) freelanced. This Gen Z survey result’s the highest unbiased workforce participation of any age bracket since FIA’s 2014 launch.


5. 59% of responders in the United States have been male freelancers.

This research concluded that males make up most of the freelance workforce and the total variety of U.S. staff. Over 59% of freelancers in the U.S. are male, making it an much more male-dominated trade than the conventional workforce, which includes about 53% of males. 


6. Among 6,001 U.S. freelance staff surveyed, 40% maintain a school diploma or increased.

This survey concluded that over 40% of the 6,001 freelancers surveyed in the U.S. have a school diploma or increased, making freelancers an informed kind of workforce. 


7. 86% of freelancers usually make money working from home.

freelancers work from home

Freelancers often don’t function from a company workplace, as a whopping 86% of all freelancers in the U.S. make money working from home. 


8. More than 48% of the ladies we surveyed fell into the lowest earnings bracket (34% of males have been on this earnings vary).

This survey discovered that over 48% of all freelancers who determine as ladies fall into the lowest earnings vary. With males, solely 34% fall into the lowest earnings bracket. This implies that males are about 4.5 occasions extra more likely to earn $150k per 12 months than ladies. 


9. Freelancing just isn’t a technique of working however somewhat a various set of potential actions.

The Sixth annual “Freelancing in America” research concluded that freelancing is excess of a method of working, because it suits the skilled wants of many several types of folks and circumstances. The hottest kind of freelancing includes expert companies equivalent to programming, advertising and marketing, and I.T., which makes up about 45% of freelancers. 

Unskilled companies equivalent to ridesharing, canine strolling, and private duties make up about 30% of the market share whereas promoting items and eCommerce make up roughly 26%. Other actions that don’t fall into these classes are very numerous and account for one more 29% of the market.


10.   Most freelancers (61%) specialize throughout two to a few abilities.

Freelancers aren’t simply one-trick ponies, as above 61% of all freelancers concentrate on a minimum of two to a few abilities and expertise. 


The financial facet of freelancing 

Freelancing is a job, and the world of freelance is a really viable trade. It’s an industrial powerhouse price virtually one trillion {dollars}, and it solely appears to be rising in dimension. To discover the full extent of freelancing and the freelancers that make all of it potential, we’ll cowl the trade’s financial facet by offering some key on-line enterprise statistics and information under.

11. Freelance trade makes up virtually 5% of the complete US GDP.

The freelancing trade is very large, and its GDP sits at roughly one trillion United States Dollars. This implies that the freelance trade makes up virtually 5% of the complete U.S. GDP and has increased income than different industries equivalent to development or transportation. The common expert companies fee is $28 per hour, which means that expert freelancers earn extra per hour than 70% of the U.S. workforce. 


12. 30% of Fortune 500 corporations use platforms equivalent to Upwork to rent freelancers. 

This research discovered that about 30% of all Fortune 500 corporations are utilizing platforms equivalent to Upwork to rent for his or her freelancer wants. Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel notes that large corporations are entering into utilizing freelancers at a rising fee.


13. 41% of data sources for locating work as a freelancer are earlier purchasers.

How freelancers find work

Over 41% of freelancers discover work placements by means of their previous purchasers. About 38% discover employment by means of family and friends, and 37% seek for work by means of social media. Many freelancers use a mix of those techniques to safe as a lot work as potential.


14. Two-thirds of the surveyed freelancers went unbiased inside the final three years.

For how long have freelancers been self–employed

There has been a big inflow of recent freelancers in the previous 5 years, with over 5 million new folks becoming a member of the trade. Two-thirds of the folks surveyed acknowledged that they’ve change into freelancers in the previous three years. 


15. 77% admitted they’re no more financially steady since going unbiased.

Financial stability is certainly one of the most vital issues about employment. About 77% of individuals surveyed concluded that they’re both much less financially steady or about the similar since they’ve gone unbiased.  


16. 84% of full-time freelancers say their work lets them reside the life-style they need.

Are freelancers free to choose their lifestyle

84% of all full-time freelancers report that this work has allowed them to reside their lives on their very own phrases and conduct with any life-style they select. That’s about 21% extra folks than common full-time staff.  


17. 42% of freelancers stated they might not have the ability to do a standard job resulting from life circumstances.

42% of freelancers surveyed observe that they wouldn’t have the ability to get a standard job due to sure life-style limitations. That’s as a result of the freelance world is much extra versatile than conventional work. 


18. Freelance content material writers make wherever between $15–$80 per hour on Upwork.

How much money do freelancers make

Front-end builders earn $15–$150 per hour on Fiverr.

Content writing is certainly one of the hottest freelancer occupations, and content material writers could make wherever from $15 to $80 per hour on freelance platforms equivalent to Upwork. Front-end coding duties can convey wherever from $15 to $50+, whereas full-stack builders can earn wherever from $30 to $150+.

(Sources: (*40*),,

19. 93% of freelancers with a school diploma say expertise coaching is crucial for freelancers.

A big variety of freelancers, about 93%, state that expertise coaching is certainly one of the most elementary issues a freelancer should possess. About 70% of full-time freelancers have participated in expertise coaching in the previous six months, which is about 21% greater than full-time common staff.  


20. Among full-time freelancers, 64% stated their well being has improved since they started freelancing.

Are freelancers healthier

Work could be tense, and stress could be fairly unhealthy. About 64% of all freelancers have acknowledged that their well being has improved as soon as they’ve gone unbiased, which makes freelancing a more healthy different to conventional work. About 22% of freelancers assume that healthcare is an enormous concern, and about 28% of full-timers buy a well being plan.


21. Just 6% of surveyed folks stated they’re solely freelancing till a full-time alternative comes alongside.

Many freelancers don’t have any ambitions to depart the unbiased world behind, with over 94% of all these surveyed stating that they’re freelancing for good. Only 4% contemplate it part-time employment till one thing full-time comes alongside. 


22. 60% of freelancers surveyed stated they’d be enthusiastic about pursuing a nomadic life-style.

A majority of freelancers say that they’d be open to a nomadic life-style the place they transfer places often, about 60%. 


23. 7 in 10 freelancers are enthusiastic about shifting someplace aside from a big metropolis.

About 70% of surveyed freelancers observe that they’d be open to shifting someplace outdoors of a big metropolis, as their job permits them to make money working from home, which could possibly be nearly wherever, so long as there’s an web connection. 


24. The prime cause full-time freelancers select to freelance is schedule flexibility (46%). 

Full-time freelancers select their job due to their flexibility. Flexibility is the prime cause why freelancers select one of these employment, at a whopping 46% of all freelancers, making it their prime precedence.


Coronavirus and freelancing stats

The pandemic has modified many industries. Some have taken fairly a extreme hit whereas others have prospered. How has Coronavirus affected the world of freelance work and freelancers themselves? The reply just isn’t dangerous in any respect.

Below, we’ll record some fascinating statistics about Covid-19 and its impact on freelance work and freelancers themselves. 

25. Freelance job openings elevated over 25% throughout the April to June quarter of 2020.

The Freelancers Fast 50 research has established an over 25% enhance in job openings from April to June. This research covers the web site’s international market, which covers North America, Europe, and Asia.


26. Freelance job postings rose 41% to 605,000 in the second quarter of 2020.

Freelance job postings have risen about 41% to a whopping 605,000 in the second quarter of 2020 in comparison with the similar interval in 2019. This is primarily resulting from the coronavirus pandemic that’s wreaking havoc throughout the international employment panorama. The development may also be resulting from the sturdy demand for people to go solo. 


27. Close to 32% of the freelancers surveyed talked about that demand had decreased vastly.

Has demand for freelancing services fell due to COVID–19

One of the most harrowing statistics about freelance is that just about 32% of all freelancers report that the demand for his or her companies has decreased vastly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving many individuals with out regular monetary earnings and employment. 


28. Number of working hours misplaced in the second quarter of 2020 could possibly be the equal of 400 million full-time jobs.

The coronavirus has harmed the world of enterprise, as the hours misplaced throughout the second quarter of 2020 are equal to about 400 million full-time jobs, which is a worrying statistic. 


29. Jobs associated to mathematical modeling noticed the best enhance (they surged 99.6% to 16,501 jobs) in the second quarter of 2020.

It’s not all doom and gloom, although, as certainly one of the most referred to as for jobs throughout the second quarter of 2020, as the coronavirus raged, was mathematical modeling. Mathematical modeling has seen a whopping 99.6% enhance, which accounts for about 16,501 jobs. 


30. In the second quarter of 2020, job postings for eCommerce professionals rose 54.4%.

One of the commonest sorts of employment in the freelance sector is eCommerce. A 54.4% enhance in demand was documented through job postings for eCommerce professionals. 

Demand for sport designers and sport builders surged 68% and 64%, respectively.


31. 23% of freelancers reported that enterprise has remained as traditional.

A barely higher statistic is that about 23% of individuals have reported that their enterprise dealings, earnings, and demand have stayed about the similar as earlier than the pandemic, and 17% of freelancers report that the pandemic has elevated demand for his or her companies. 


32. Close to 74% of survey respondents reported that their charges had remained the similar.

About 74% of individuals in Payoneer’s survey have stated that their charges have remained the similar throughout the pandemic, 23% have needed to decrease their charges to stay a competitor in the market, and about 3% of freelancers have elevated their charges. 


33. In 2020, the largest share of on-line labor demand stems from the United States.

From what countries most of demand come from in 2020

Most of the on-line labor demand throughout the international COVID-19 pandemic comes from the United States.


34. Demand on main on-line labor platforms from the United States.

U.S. on-line labor demand has proven a transparent seasonal sample: demand drops throughout the year-end vacation season after which rises once more to achieve a plateau in March, which usually persists till June. However, this isn’t the case for 2020. By mid-March, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a world pandemic, on-line labor demand in the U.S. was in steep decline relative to 2018 and 2019.


35. Average earnings per week pre and publish COVID-19

Have earnings of freelance workers changed due to the pandemic

Average earnings have decreased barely over the course of the pandemic to accommodate for much less demand in some sectors and an inflow of recent freelancers to the trade. 


Random enjoyable stats and information about the world of freelance

Freelance, whereas a severe enterprise, it’s not with out enjoyable information. You can discover some enjoyable, enjoyment, and leisure in nearly any trade, and freelancing isn’t an exception to this rule. Below, we’ll record a few of the extra fascinating and enjoyable information and stats about freelancers and the freelance trade as an entire. 

36. 59% of non-freelancers say it’s probably that they may do freelance work in the future.

Will a freelancer stay a freelancer in the future

Freelancers love what they do, and so they aren’t going to surrender on freelancing anytime quickly. This research, administered by UpWork, the world’s main freelance platform, has concluded that about 59% of all non-freelancers need to do some freelance work in the future, which is perhaps one cause we’re seeing such an inflow of recent folks into the freelance market. 


37. 51% of freelancers say that no amount of cash would entice them to take a standard job.

The similar research by Upwork has concluded {that a} slight-above-the-margin majority of freelancers say that there isn’t a sum in the world that will make them contemplate quitting freelancing and taking on a standard job. 


38. 73% say know-how has made it simpler to search out freelance work.

Technology has empowered freelancers ever since the first freelancer freelanced. As know-how continues to evolve, freelancers’ work will change into less complicated. About 73% of all freelancers conclude that discovering employment has change into far simpler than earlier than due to technological developments. 


39. 64% say that professionals who’re at the prime of their trade are more and more selecting to work independently.

Independence is essential, particularly in the skilled world. About 64% of individuals assume that professionals at the prime of their respective industries are more and more in search of unbiased work by means of freelancing. 


40. Number of freelancers is rising, however the demand for his or her companies is regular.

The variety of freelancers is frequently rising, however the demand for his or her companies stays comparatively regular. 



Freelancing is an thrilling panorama that exhibits promise to change into certainly one of the most dominant industries in the world. With an increasing number of folks flocking to the trade resulting from the current international pandemic, its unfold to the mainstream is simply expedited.

The main factor we have to search for in the way forward for freelancing is the incorporation of many extra industries into its fold. The hottest issues that freelancers do are writing jobs equivalent to grammar and proofreading, internet design, advertising and marketing, and coding.

As the know-how required to do most jobs is slowly shifting to the digital panorama, we will count on an inflow of recent industries into the freelance area, and plenty of new freelancers will hit the market. 

We hope that we’ve answered a few of your most urgent questions on the world of freelancing and the individuals who inhabit it with our 40 information and stats. Make certain to stay with us for extra statistic-based content material!


FAQ :-

1. How has the pandemic affected the freelance trade?
Answer: The pandemic has had a major influence on the freelance trade, with many freelancers going through lowered demand for his or her companies and an total lower in the variety of freelance alternatives obtainable.

2. What are the most in-demand freelance expertise in 2023?
Answer: The most in-demand freelance expertise in 2023 are more likely to be associated to digital advertising and marketing, internet growth, software program engineering, information evaluation, and content material creation.

3. What are the hottest freelance platforms in 2023?
Answer: The hottest freelance platforms in 2023 are more likely to be Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

4. What are the common charges for freelance work in 2023?
Answer: The common charges for freelance work in 2023 will rely on the kind of labor being achieved and the expertise of the freelancer. Generally, charges vary from $20 to $100 per hour.

5. What are the commonest challenges confronted by freelancers in 2023?
Answer: The commonest challenges confronted by freelancers in 2023 are more likely to be associated to discovering new purchasers, managing workloads, and staying aggressive in a crowded market.

6. What are the finest methods for locating freelance work in 2023?
Answer: The finest methods for locating freelance work in 2023 are more likely to contain networking, leveraging current contacts, and utilizing on-line job boards and freelance platforms.

7. What are the finest methods to market freelance companies in 2023?
Answer: The finest methods to market freelance companies in 2023 are more likely to contain creating a web site, utilizing social media, and optimizing for search engine visibility.

8. What are the most vital expertise for freelancers to develop in 2023?
Answer: The most vital expertise for freelancers to develop in 2023 are more likely to be associated to communication, mission administration, and time administration.

9. What are the most vital tendencies in the freelance trade in 2023?
Answer: The most vital tendencies in the freelance trade in 2023 are more likely to be associated to the rising use of know-how, the rise of distant work, and the rising demand for specialised expertise.

10. What are the finest methods to guard your self as a freelancer in 2023?
Answer: The finest methods to guard your self as a freelancer in 2023 are more likely to contain establishing contracts, utilizing safe cost strategies, and staying up-to-date on trade tendencies.


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