PS5 Slim Might Not Be the Next Console Release from Sony, Says Tom Henderson

Earlier this month, Microsoft disclosed particulars about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation launch. The info got here out via courtroom paperwork from the authorized battle between Microsoft and the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). And these courtroom paperwork hinted that Sony will launch the PS5 Slim later this yr.

Microsoft has even disclosed the pricing info of the subsequent PlayStation 5 console in these courtroom paperwork. If you missed it, Microsoft mentioned that Sony will launch a brand new console at the identical worth as the present Digital Edition of PS5, which is $399.99.

However, Tom Henderson, a reputed reporter about every thing console, has reported that PS5 Slim won’t be the subsequent console from Sony. Instead, it is going to be an improved mannequin of the present PlayStation 5.

What Did Tom Henderson Say About PS5 Slim?

In case you don’t know, Tom Henderson was the first one who revealed the existence of PlayStation 5 earlier than it was launched. So, his details about the subsequent PS5 model shouldn’t be uncared for. Nonetheless, Tom says that the new mannequin won’t be known as PS5 Slim.

Sony PS5 portable

According to Tom, he has personally considered the prototype of the upcoming console. And he mentioned that the mannequin doesn’t look like a slimmer model of the authentic PlayStation 5. Instead, the console will include barely completely different dimensions than the present mannequin. Also, it is going to be suitable with a removable disc drive.


That mentioned, Tom has solely seen the prototype variations. There’s a excessive likelihood that these prototypes have been for PS5 Pro as a substitute of the subsequent console launch from Sony. Considering Sony’s product lineup, PlayStations can be found in three distinct kinds. The first is common, the second is Slim, and the third is Pro.

Judging by the statements from Microsoft in the courtroom battle, there’s a excessive likelihood that the subsequent launch will probably be PS5 Slim. So, nothing is definitely confirmed at this level. We might want to wait and see how Sony handles the manufacturers and markets its subsequent console.

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