15 AI-based YouTube Summarizer Tools/Extensions to Save Hours

In the brand new fast-paced digital age, whereby consideration spans are declining and time is a treasured commodity, AI-primarily primarily based YouTube summarizer gear and extensions have emerged.

It is for people in search of to extract concise and treasured information from extended video content material.

These progressive items of apparatus harness the ability of artificial intelligence to present prospects with bite-sized summaries and key takeaways from extended movement photos, revolutionizing the best way we eat data on-line.

Here, we current a curated checklist of the perfect AI-powered YouTube summarizer instruments/extensions redefining the content material consumption panorama.



Eightify is a Chrome and Safari extension that generates summaries of YouTube movies quick and effortlessly. This extension works with using OpenAI ChatGPT to extract key components from the video and compress the content material right into a concise abstract.

The exact consists of the precept components and highlights of the video, allowing customers to get essentially the most out of the content material without having to have a look at all the video. Ideal for purchasers who need to retailer time, be taught new issues, or keep up to date with brand-new information and tendencies.

It is an efficient extension that will assist customers save time, analyze new issues, and keep up to date with cutting-edge information.


Nutshell App

Nutshell is a provider that provides AI-generated summaries of films, lectures, and completely different types of prolonged content material materials. The summaries are often roughly 100-200 phrases lengthy and supply a concise analysis of the first factors of the content material materials.

Nutshell is a implausible method to save time and get the utmost out of the content material materials you devour. Whether a TED Talk, paying consideration to a podcast, or analyzing a analysis paper, Nutshell permits you to apprehend the details rapidly and effortlessly.

If you’re in search of a method to store time, enhance your information, and reside up-to-date, then Nutshell is a high-quality alternative.

Youtube Video Summarizer is an internet-based gadget that makes use of artificial intelligence to mechanically generate summaries of YouTube movies. The summaries are sometimes about one hundred- hundred phrases extended and supply a concise evaluation of the primary parts of the video.

It is an excellent method to preserve time and get essentially the most out of the YouTube movies you watch. Whether you’re watching an academic, a lecture, or a film trailer, YouTube Video Summarizer permits you to acknowledge the essential pointers and knowledge of the video you feed to the AI.

They use a deep getting-to-understand model to examine the transcript of a YouTube video. The model then identifies the necessary factor components of the video and generates a abstract based totally on one’s components. The abstract is written in pure language and is easy to have a look at and perceive.

Synthesis YouTube

Synthesis YouTube

Synthesis YouTube is a software that fulfills the necessity to grasp the crucial data in a YouTube video. The reputation and the demand for the software may be judged by the issue that it has been awarded because the #2 greatest product of the day by Product Hunt (at current).

Moreover, you may rapidly extract information from podcasts and video channels with Synthesis YouTube. With Synthesis Youtube, chances are you’ll rapidly discover timestamped hyperlinks to the pertinent video by looking your favourite podcast channels.



TLDR offers a simple method to summarize, obtain, search, and work together with YouTube movies within the person’s most popular language. The web site’s major function is the “TLDR” (Too Long; Didn’t Read) performance, which generates a concise abstract of the content material of a YouTube video.

Once you’ve chosen your most popular language, the web site will offer you a abstract of the video’s key factors. This may be notably helpful for individuals who don’t need to watch the entire video however nonetheless need to get the primary thought.

If you’re considering much more options and advantages, the web site additionally provides a paid subscription.

With, you may store time and look at extra. You can watch larger TED Talks, think about additional podcasts, and skim additional analysis papers. You can turn into an professional in any material you have an interest in. is the way forward for studying. It’s the gadget to aid you keep forward of the curve and obtain your goals.

It is a time-saving gaining information of companions that enables you to get the utmost out of the content material materials you eat. It’s like a personal highlighter that may pick the necessary factor factors of any piece of content material and summarize them for you in a concise and easy-to-understand method.

Moreover, you may speedily get the gist of any YouTube video or podcast so as to resolve whether or not or not it’s actually value it gradual to have a look at or pay attention to the entire thing. You also can use to summarize research papers and different prolonged content material, so you may speedily perceive the necessary findings. is a time-saving gaining information of and delight affiliate that allows you to get essentially the most out of the content material you devour. It’s like a private highlighter that may understand the necessary factor factors of any piece of content material and summarize them for you in a concise and easy-to-recognize method.

It can also endorse movement photos and podcasts that you simply’re most likely to enjoy, primarily based in your hobbies and former watch historical past.


YouTube video

Unleashing a brand new period of YouTube engagement, YT Summary.Ai presents a dual-mode video summarization strategy. Segment Mode meticulously divides movies into timestamped sections, greatest for in-depth analysis.

Meanwhile, Outline Mode provides swift, concise summaries with key highlights, good for fast understanding. It reshapes video consumption, catering to numerous decisions and wishes and redefining how we unlock insights from on-line content material.

Enhance your video escapades with, an avant-garde platform revolutionizing YouTube interplay. Lengthy movement photos? Relics of yesteryears! crafts succinct summaries, regardless of period, saving priceless time. Seamlessly browse previous digests and effortlessly voyage by way of your video annals.

Dive into understanding by way of bite-sized parcels; dissects movies into enlightening five-minute sections. The cherry on prime? Sign up sans points, kick-starting with free of charge credit score for this transformative journey. Embrace the avant-garde; bid adieu to commonplace video consumption.



SummarizeYT is a genie in a bottle that may summarize any YouTube video for you in seconds. It’s like having a gaggle of pros at your fingertips, geared up to distill advanced data into smooth-to-apprehend summaries.

With SummarizeYT, chances are you’ll preserve time and be taught additional. You can watch TED Talks, pay attention to extra podcasts, and look at analysis papers. You can turn into an professional in any material you might be interested in and even uncover new subjects you didn’t know you had been considering.

SummarizeYT is the future of mastering and leisure. It’s the software that can aid you keep upfront of the curve and obtain your wishes.



Glarity makes use of synthetic intelligence to mechanically summarize YouTube films and podcasts. The summaries are sometimes about 100 phrases prolonged and supply a concise evaluate of the precept components of the content material materials.

It is form of a magic reflection that would provide the CliffsNotes model of any YouTube video or podcast. It permits you to store time and examine larger utilizing fast data on the important thing components of any content material you eat.

To use Glarity, absolutely paste the URL of the YouTube video or podcast you want to summarize into the software. It will then generate a abstract for you in just a few seconds.

The summaries are written in an natural language and are straightforward to learn and acknowledge. They are also right and full, taking photos of the important thing components of the content material with out getting slowed down in useless particulars. is a magic wand that assists you in studying no matter you need, speedy and with out issues. It’s like a crew of consultants at your fingertips, prepared to distill sophisticated data into clean-to-apprehend summaries.

You might analyze one thing you need from any supply. You can watch YouTube movement photos a couple of brand-new material, listen to podcasts a couple of brand-new means, or examine analysis papers roughly a brand-new discipline of have a look at. will help you in apprehending the necessary components of any content material so as to rapidly look at and develop. is the way forward for getting to know. It’s the gadget to aid you reside forward of the curve and reap your wishes.


YouTube video

Glasp, a browser extension, transforms web content material into colourful highlights, crafting a abstract of insights. Effortlessly ready in your Glasp homepage, these highlights retain their impact within the supply. Share throughout programs, spark discussions, and discover a worldwide understanding on the Glasp web site.

Glasp can flip advanced data into concise summaries. Key options embody:

  • Simplified Insights: Long articles, movies, and conversations distilled into bite-sized takeaways.
  • Effective search: A cumulative seek for speedy information acquisition.
  • Time-saving knowledge: Get much less studying materials.
  • Topics: Explore information, tendencies, and analysis effortlessly.
  • Share and Expand: Stimulate dialog and increase your horizons.

Become an professional curator and type your digital legacy with Glasp.



Introducing Summarify, the modern platform redefines how video content material is eaten up. With a fusion of superior language fashions and modern synthetic intelligence from ChatGPT and OpenAI, Summarify transforms the panorama of video summarization.

Revolutionary Advantages Await:

  • Simple Export: AI-generated summaries may be effortlessly exported in varied codecs – PDF, Markdown (MD), or plain textual content (TXT), tailor-made to fit your preferences.
  • Revealed Transcripts: Dive into transcripts effortlessly, accessible in PDF, TXT, XML, or the format of your alternative.
  • Section & Personalized Summaries: Enjoy concise studying with Section Summaries or train management with Personalized Selections, aligning summaries to your particular preferences.
  • Effortless Navigation: Timestamps inside summaries enable direct entry to video moments, facilitating {smooth} exploration and deeper comprehension.
  • Video Searching: Easily uncover key moments by user-friendly searches. Play movies or discover transcripts for fast entry to very important insights.
  • Styled Summaries: Customize your expertise with a spread of kinds – simple summaries, concise bullet factors, or complete breakdowns. Summarize adapts to your preferences.

Embarking on a journey powered by ChatGPT’s linguistic mastery, Summarify brings forth right and coherent summaries of YouTube films. This synergy with OpenAI’s pioneering period ensures extraordinary high quality and precision in each summarization.


Mindgrasp Video Summarizer is an efficient gadget that permits you to rapidly and effortlessly acknowledge the necessary factor components of any video. It makes use of artificial intelligence to establish the utmost important moments in a video and create a summary comprising the simplest information.

This is usually a large time-saver, particularly for busy specialists or faculty college students who need to watch loads of movies. Mindgrasp Video Summarizer is likewise top-notch for individuals who need to get a brief analysis of a video with out having to watch the entire thing.

Here are various the capabilities of Mindgrasp Video Summarizer:

  • It can summarize any type of video with YouTube movement photos, lectures, and webinars.
  • It is straightforward to use – sincerely paste the URL of the video into the software, and it’ll generate a abstract in seconds.
  • The summaries are correct and concise – they most successfully embody the important statistics from the video.
  • The summaries are human-readable – they could be written in clear and concise language.

For occasion, in case you’re interested in a model new material however don’t have time to watch an extended lecture, you can use Mindgrasp Video Summarizer to get a abstract of the first components.

Comparing Video Summary Platforms  

In a realm brimming with statistics, video summary platforms end up to be vital gear, simplifying getting to know and aiding selection-making. Here’s a curated lineup of these platforms, spotlighting their particular attributes:

  1. Eightify: AI-generated summaries, interactive transcripts, and collaboration instruments.
  2. Nutshell: Concise video highlights, customizable playback, and built-in note-taking.
  3. YouTube Summarizer: Automatic video summarization, transcript technology, and key phrase extraction.
  4. Synthesis YouTube: This software allows you to search and paste hyperlinks to the Youtube video or podcasts to collect the knowledge and summarize it for you.
  5. TLDR: As the title speaks for itself, TLDR (Too Long: Didn’t Read). You don’t have to undergo a whole YouTube video. All you want is that this software to summarize a video in your most popular language.
  6. Clipnote: AI-generated summaries, export to PDF, and shareable clips.
  7. Tammy: Summaries with timestamped key phrases and built-in video playback.
  8. YT Summary: Automatic video evaluation, key factors extraction, and environment friendly summaries.
  9. Scrivvy: AI-generated summaries, visible cues, and customizable highlights.
  10. SummarizeYT: Automated video content material extraction and key phrase highlights.
  11. Glarity: Key insights extraction, bullet-point summaries, and real-time transcript sync.
  12. AI-driven content material summarization and built-in studying sources.
  13. Glasp: Web highlighter, content material curation, and sharing capabilities.
  14. Summarify: Video-to-text conversion, customizable abstract kinds, and export choices.
  15. MindGrasp: Efficient video-to-text conversion and time-saving insights extraction.

Each platform provides an superior strategy, catering to varied shopper decisions. Some prioritize key phrase extraction and transcript know-how, similtaneously others excel in concise highlights or seamless playback.

Choose the platform that resonates together with your finding out type and embark on an journey of higher content material consumption and environment friendly studying.

Next, try ebook abstract apps to optimize your studying.

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