13 tips to fix uneven left & right AirPods battery discharge

Are you experiencing one in all your AirPods battery draining quicker than the opposite? If so, we’ll inform you why that’s occurring and discover some attainable choices to fix this situation.

This tutorial applies to all AirPods besides AirPods Max. So, you ought to be lined if in case you have an AirPods 1st, 2nd or third era or AirPods Pro 1st or 2nd era.

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About uneven AirPods battery discharge

You could discover these points whereas utilizing your AirPods:

  • One of the AirPods (both Left or Right) has discharged considerably in contrast to the opposite.
  • The battery of 1 AirPod reaches 0% cost quite a bit quicker than the opposite.
  • You open the AirPods case and discover that one AirPod is absolutely charged whereas the opposite is totally discharged or simply partially charged.

Let’s focus on why these items occur and the way to fix them.

1. Do you employ only one AirPod at a time?

Left and Right AirPods with uneven battery remaining

If you employ one AirPod whereas the opposite is in its case, then it’s pure that the battery on the one getting used will discharge quicker. And should you proceed this behavior with a particular AirPod (like at all times utilizing the right one), its battery capability to maintain most cost will lower over time. After a number of months, this one will discharge far faster than the opposite AirPod (say the left one) when used collectively.

To handle this, I’m not asking you to change your behavior of utilizing only one AirPod at a time, however I’d suggest switching between each AirPods. For occasion, after utilizing the right AirPod for an hour, you’ll be able to preserve it within the case and use the left one.

This will make sure the utilization of each AirPods is balanced. Plus, it additionally offers relaxation to one in all your ears from being filled with an AirPod for a chronic time.

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2. You work together extra with one of many AirPods

I’ve set the double-tap motion on my right AirPod to skip to the subsequent monitor, and the left AirPod is configured to set off Siri. As it seems, I hardly ever use Siri, however double-tap my right AirPod quite a bit to skip to the subsequent monitor. This leads to the right AirPod discharging quicker than the left AirPod.

If you additionally use one of many AirPods extra for interplay (double-tap or press the AirPod Pro stem), its battery share could come down before the opposite. It’s regular habits, and you’ll’t change that.

If you need to go excessive, your solely choice is to disable these options, however that’s an enormous compromise, and I don’t suggest doing that. However, should you’re , right here’s how to flip off the left and right faucets or press actions on your AirPods:

  1. Connect AirPods to your iPhone.
  2. Open the Settings app and choose your AirPods from the highest. You may faucet Bluetooth and hit the data icon ⓘ subsequent to the AirPods identify.
  3. Tap Left and select Off.
  4. Go again, faucet Right, and select Off.

Turn off AirPods left and right buttons

From now on, your AirPods won’t reply whenever you use the double faucet or press features.

3. If you’re taking numerous calls

Both AirPods (left & right) have built-in microphones. However, whenever you’re on a name, the mic on solely one in all them is used. As a outcome, should you make or obtain numerous telephone, FaceTime, or VoIP calls, you’ll discover that one of many AirPods discharges quicker than the opposite.

4. Stop utilizing only one AirPod microphone

You can ask your iPhone to use the microphone of only one AirPod always. If you will have finished that, it’s regular for the one AirPod whose microphone is repeatedly used to discharge quicker. Usually, one of the simplest ways to handle that is by setting your iPhone to intelligently use both AirPod for calls:

  1. Connect AirPods to your iPhone, open the Settings app, and faucet your AirPods from the highest.
  2. Tap Microphone and choose Automatically Switch AirPods.

Automatically Switch AirPods in Microphone settings

5. Turn off Hey Siri

AirPods 2nd era and later help handsfree “Hey Siri.” Because of this, you’ll be able to invoke Siri simply by talking “Hey Siri” – no AirPods double faucet, double-press, or contact is required.

However, when it’s on, your AirPods will eat barely extra battery to preserve the mics lively. You can cease this by turning off “Hey Siri.” Unfortunately, AirPods “Hey Siri” is tied to your iPhone’s “Hey Siri,” and the one method to disable it’s by going to iPhone Settings > Siri & Search and turning off Listen for “Hey Siri.”

6. Clean your AirPods

One of your AirPods could fail to cost or cost slowly if physique oils or filth is layered on the underside connector. To fix this, use a tender dry linen fabric to wipe the underside shiny a part of your AirPods stem. This is the place it connects with the Charging Case pins to cost.

7. Clean your AirPods case

Cleaning AirPods Charging Case slot with a thin brush

Over time, filth could get inside one or each of the slots of your AirPods Charging Case. Open the case lid, flip it the other way up, and punctiliously blow air, or use a thin AirPods cleaning brush or one thing comparable to clear it.

Caution: Don’t use numerous drive, as that may bend the pins and injury your Charging Case.

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8. Take observe when placing AirPods of their case

When you place your AirPod inside its Charging Case, the tiny gentle indicator on the case ought to blink as soon as, signifying it has began charging. If the sunshine doesn’t blink, that may lead to you having one AirPods which can be absolutely charged whereas the opposite is at 5% or much less.

So, whenever you put the AirPods inside and don’t see the sunshine blink, that may very well be due to sweat or oils on the AirPods stem or filth contained in the case. So, ensure you observe the above cleansing tips.

Secondly, merely taking out the AirPod, shortly wiping its stem on a tender fabric like your cotton t-shirt or handkerchief, and placing it again within the case also needs to fix the difficulty and make the case gentle to blink, signaling the AirPods are charging.

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9. Update AirPods firmware

Your AirPods are up to date routinely within the background. But nonetheless, should you face points along with your wi-fi buds, take a couple of minutes to study extra about manually updating its firmware.

10. Factory reset your AirPods

When you reset your AirPods, they’re unpaired from all units and goes again to their default manufacturing facility settings. This can probably fix these points that trigger one AirPod to lose cost quicker than the opposite.

11. Check for liquid and bodily injury or manufacturing defects

If you dropped one in all your AirPods (or dropped one in all your AirPods in water), it might have been suffered inside injury whereas showing tremendous on the skin. This may lead the battery points you might be experiencing.

Secondly, if this can be a new pair of AirPods, we can’t rule out the potential for a producing defect.

In each these circumstances, think about contacting Apple Support and get your AirPods inspected at your close by Apple Store or licensed service heart.

12. Are your AirPods greater than 2 years outdated?

After utilizing AirPods 1st and 2nd era for a number of years and studying stories of different customers on-line, I can say that AirPods battery begins to give in after about two years of use.

For occasion, it can give you only one or two hours of utilization per cost. One of them may exhaust its battery far before the opposite.

In this case, you’ll be able to’t do a lot besides:

  • Live with the inconveniences
  • Go to an Apple Store and substitute one of many AirPods (Left or Right) whose battery continuously dies before the opposite
  • Explore AirPods battery restore choices
  • Buy a brand new pair

13. Get a brand new pair

My present AirPods are 2.5 years outdated, and I’m ready desperately for the brand new mannequin to launch this fall, together with new iPhones!

No matter what you do, AirPods turn into unusable after a number of years of use due to their degraded battery. In this case, and if you would like to get new options like Transparency Mode, Noise Cancellation, Spatial Audio, and Find My AirPods, you’ll have to improve to a brand new pair.

If you’re available in the market for a brand new pair, make sure that to try our ongoing roundup of the greatest reductions on all AirPods fashions.

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