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How to Close Your Laptop and Use External Monitor on Windows

Laptops are centered on portability. Hence, customers are sometimes left with an unfulfilled want for a bigger show. This is exactly the place exterior screens are available in. They assist mirror the show of your laptop computer on a bigger display screen. However, if you’d like to save your laptop computer’s battery and are centered on a single process, it’s higher to shut your laptop computer and use an exterior monitor.

Close Your Laptop and Use an External Monitor

Even we struggled with discovering the choice on our Windows desktop whereas utilizing an exterior monitor. Microsoft has made a questionable design selection by not together with this selection within the show settings on Windows. It is hidden as a test field underneath the ability settings in Control Panel.

We’ll present you the way to discover that, however first, allow us to guarantee that you’re prepared to shut your laptop computer lid and use an exterior monitor on your Windows.

How to Connect and Use External Monitor

Your try to use your exterior monitor with a closed laptop computer will work should you use the right show configuration. Here’s how one can be certain that.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Click on System within the sidebar, and click on on Display.

Settings and Display

Step 3: Click on Identify to detect the assigned digit for the monitor. The digit ought to seem on the screens.

Identify Display

Step 4: Click on the drop-down menu subsequent to Identify, and choose ‘Show only on 1’ or ‘Show only on 2’ – relying on the quantity assigned to your exterior monitor.

Once you do that, the show contents will solely be proven on the exterior monitor.

Choose Display Mode

Here’s how one can be certain that your PC doesn’t go to sleep when you shut the lid on your laptop computer.

How to Use an External Monitor With Laptop Closed

Your Windows PC can hold your laptop computer lively even when the lid is closed underneath the ability choices within the Control Panel menu. Here’s how to entry it.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC.

Control Panel

Step 2: Go to ‘Hardware and Sound’.

Step 3: Click on Power Options.

Click on Power Options

Step 4: Click on ‘Choose what closing the lid does’ within the sidebar.

Choose What Closing the Lid Does

Step 5: To guarantee you should use your exterior monitor even when the lid is closed on your laptop computer, click on on the drop-down menu subsequent to ‘When I close the lid’ and choose Do nothing.

Do Nothing on Battery

Step 6: Repeat the identical for the Plugged-in mode as nicely.

Do Nothing While Plugged in

Step 7: Click on Save Changes to verify.

Click on Save Changes for Display

Once you do that, the modifications will apply, and you should use your exterior monitor together with your laptop computer closed.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when closing your laptop computer and utilizing an exterior monitor.

What You Need to Know While Closing Laptop With External Monitor

Here are some things you want to know whereas utilizing your exterior monitor together with your laptop computer closed.

  • Obviously, you will want to use an exterior keyboard and mouse. You can not use your laptop computer’s keyboard and touchpad since will probably be closed.
  • Further, additionally, you will have to use an exterior webcam.
  • To put your PC to sleep or shut it down, you possibly can immediately do it from the ability menu utilizing the exterior monitor.
  • However, to flip on your PC, you need to open your laptop computer and use the ability button.
  • Use the precise decision and the right show scaling choices when utilizing an exterior monitor.
  • Since your laptop computer will nonetheless be lively even while you shut the lid, the audio system of your laptop computer can act because the audio output gadget.
pexels josh sorenson 1714202

Tip: Here’s how to use a laptop computer as a second monitor.

FAQs on Using a Laptop With an External Monitor

1. My exterior monitor just isn’t turning on. What do I do?

Ensure you’ve gotten plugged within the HDMI cable on each ends. Further, guarantee you’ve gotten plugged in your monitor and powered it on.

2. What does lengthen show imply?

Using this selection, you should use the exterior monitor to lengthen your laptop computer’s show.

3. Why does the content material look small on my exterior monitor?

You want to go to Settings > Display and alter the decision. Further, you can too enhance the scaling share.

Keep the External Monitor On

We hope this text helps you utilize your exterior monitor even when your laptop computer is closed. This methodology has not solely helped us take pleasure in a big media viewing expertise but in addition tremendously improved our productiveness!

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